Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection

KANYER ART COLLECTION. „finding a place of my own“ a collage artists call sponsored by the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection

The Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection is an international art collection dedicated to collagists from 1980 to present. One of the collectors’ key values is to intentionally archive the artists’ work in order to celebrate the medium, support the artists, and develop a record for study and historical significance.

Theme: „FInding a place of my own“  All humans want to find a place where they belong—a community where they can join with others. This call offered collagists a chance to use art as a vehicle to explore what it means to search for one’s own place where one feels as though they belong. •

The Kanyer Art Collection loves the work of @mr.babies, who is known for posting a series of images on Instagram with one shared element placed on many backgrounds. At the end of the series, the viewer finds the final piece. To the sponsors, this symbolizes how humans seek a place of their own. •

The Collectors invited artists in October of 2019 to use @mr.babies’ process of using a single element in many backgrounds for this competition. Each artist was asked to make a sequence of five collages and to submit the collages for jurying to #findingaplaceofmyown on Instagram.

Each top award winner received a $75.00 cash award, a @mr.babies print and a year subscription to Kolaj Magazine. A softcover book featuring all the Award Winners and Honorable Mentions will be published sometime mid 2020. There were over 500 submissions to this call and those artists selected for award represent 9 countries and 10 of the United States of America.