Elemetarteilchen. Togetherness

Elementary Particles / Women Museum Wiesbaden /15.09.19 -15.02.20

This year I had several fantastic experiences related to collage, I attended the Collagistas meeting in Brussels. Later on I met with a groups of Spanish collage artists in Madrid.

During a whoIe year I organised and curated an exhibition of 13 women collage artist at the Women Museum  in Wiesbaden, because  I do believe Collage deserves to find its place at Museums and Galleries, and should be appreciate as the most contemporary way of art expression.

I did all that, but from all those experiences I have returned back home feeling even more fortunate of working with collage and having the consciousness of belonging to a very special universe, the one of those who appreciated the world as a gathering of different elements to build a new one.

The days of the exhibition opening in Wiesbaden were full of wonderful moments, sharing emotions and deep and honest conversations, feeling very near to a very special group of women.

Thanks Beatrix and Kim for opening you Museum to my ideas and for your generousity, thanks ladies (Arianne, Rhed, Clare, Susan and Susana) for your visit and for all you gave me!