Elementarteilchen. The opening

Elementary Particles / Women Museum Wiesbaden /15.09.19 -15.02.20

I really believe that the openingwas a very special moment one for all those involved in the Elemental particles exhibition project.

And I wanted in this way to thank each and every one of the person involver in the exhibition project without your help none of this would have been possible. 

First to the “Women’s museum” that is really a place of shelter, creativity and art .

Thanks to Beatrix Klein and Kim Engels, for you openness to new ideas, for your curiosity and support in every way and in every moment of this long project.

Thanks also and again,on behalf of my colleagues present in Wiesbaden this weekend,  for all your details and for the quality and kind reception you have given us.

Special thanks to the two apprentice students who also worked with great dedication and to all the museum staff, thanks. 

Thank you, Anja Cherdron-Modig for the beautiful text about collage  and for the reading of our work. Thanks a thousand times.

To all the participants in the project (Arianne, Eugenia, Clare, Isabel, Lane, Marisa, Olga, Olivia, Rhed, Susan, Susanna, Sabine) thank you for believing in it, and for accompanying me on this long journey of 14 months.

To the five artists who attended, thanks for these shared moments, for the pleasant conversations and for the exchange not only of experiences, but of hugs, smiles and good gestures. Thank you for showing the person behind those wonderful pieces of artistic work.

To those who could not come to the inauguration, If you can try to get to Wiesbaden any time, please, they tell me before, to see if I can drive there,  to meet you personally)

I believe in working together, as we have seen in other projects of some of you, collage is nourished by the exchange of experiences and the human.

Let’s keep doing, let’s keep growing

Maria Elisa