“Finding A Place of My Own“. My collage series

an artists call sponsored by the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection

Personally I think that the place to which I belong is the collage world,  of all the art forms that I practice is the one that allows me the freedom to react quickly and deeply to what happens in the world. The subject of the competition „Finding a Place of my own” was exactly expression how I feel about collage

The collage pieces… 

Speaking of the world, the series I presented for this competition, is born from the imperative need to shout out that it is us,  human beings that inhabit this planet who are damaging it. Climate change, is something that we have originated in many ways and we are also guilty of its consequences.

A woman’s body reclining in a prayer pose. She has lost her mind/ head/ sanity/ and instead we see motives related to our world,  the planet in which we live, that place we belong to  and and constantly mistreat with the simple fact of closing our eyes. She illustrates a deeply human need to save this world in which we live. She is longing for a place, for a better place.

With this series I got to be one of top award winner of this artists competition.