My work is a visual confrontation with reality where reduction, accumulation and construction meet with poetry.
In every medium I use, fragments are given a new function to recreate a totality.


I am a Venezuelan mixed media artist based in Germany.
Two things have shaped my life since I can remember: images and words. I grew up under the influence of pop culture, science fiction books and TV commercials. As a child one of my favourite pastimes was to create imaginary worlds.

In every medium I use, fragments are given a new function to recreate a totality.
I want to reflect a contemporary sense of life with all its metaphysical complexities and contradictions where the impossible is not anymore.



2010-12 German Teacher training Program
since 2008 High school teacher of Fine Arts
1996-98 MA of Arts, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK
1990-93 Art College „Armando Reverón“. Caracas, Venezuela. Painting and Photography
1988-94 Central University of Venezuela, UCV,  Venezuela, Social Communication Journalism
1985-88    Instituto Nuevas Profesiones, IUNP,  Venezuela. Design und Marketing

Exhibitions  (selection)

2018 /XI Exhibition 25th Anniversary Atelier Stellwagen, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
2018 /XI Kulture Kasino, Höhr-Grenzhausen. Germany
2018 / X “Collage and more collage” Luna13 Gallery / Techhub Office 20 Ropermarket Street, London UK
2018/ VII “pop-up” collage exhibition at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary
2018 /VI Kaos Collage Festival, – Exhibition Illustration, Design and Moving Collage Kranj, Slovenia
2018 /VI “Vinylism”  Collage Exhibition of Edinburgh Collage Collective. Tent Gallery. City of Edinburgh, UK
2018/ V “Femenine glance” Collage Exhibition Mula Fest 2018 Madrid, Spain
2018 /V Elective Affinities, – Solo Exhibition Atelier Gröbl, Koblenz, Germany
2018/ V “Vinylism”  Collage Exhibition of Edinburgh Collage Collective. 11 – 30 May 2018 at Edinburgh Central Library. City of Edinburgh, UK
2017 /XI Kulture Kasino, Höhr-Grenzhausen. Germany
2017 /VIII Atelier Moshammer, Solo Exhibition,  Linz am Rhein. Germany
2017 “Ecocidio“ Exhibition, Madrid, Spain
2017 “G.L.U.E”  Collage Exhibition of Edinburgh Collage Collective. Stirling, UK
2017     “College Noir”, Cartagena, Spain
2017    “G.L.U.E”  Collage Exhibition of Edinburgh Collage Collective. City of Edinburgh, UK
2017    “Nudo” Collage Exhibition Visual Poetry, Barcelona, Spain.
2017    “Fiambre Fabuloso” Collage Exhibition, Terrasa Barcelona, Spain
2016 “Visions, Collage Exhibition” Atelier Stellwagen, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
2016 “Maria Elisa Quiaro Collage,” Solo Exhibition. Atelier Baja, Linz am Rhein, Germany
2016 2016 Dada Exhibition.  International Collage Museum Santa Fe, USA
2016 Kunstdirekt ‘16 Mainz, Artists exhibition. Rheinland Pfalz
2015 Exhibition  Collection  Banco Mercantil. Caracas, Venezuela.
2009 ‚Westerwaldpreis – Ceramics of Europa, Keramikmuseum Westerwald. Germany
2009 ‚TatORT – KeramiK, Höhr-Grenzhausen. Germany
2008 6th International Ceramics Festival ’08 MINO, Japan.
2007 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea CEBIKO International Competition.
2006 Autonomía y Desplazamiento, Colombian and Venezuela
2005 V Bienal de Barro de América,  Brazil
2005 El Azul, Gallery La Previsora, Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 XXXIII Exhibition of the National Competition of the Arts of Fire. Venezuela.
2005 Exhibition “Project bridging Art and technic. Germany
2004 XXXI Exhibition of the National Competition of the Arts of Fire.  Venezuela
2003 International „Mixed-Media-Exhibition“ ‚Keep in Touch‘  Keramikmuseum Westerwald. Germany
2002 XXIX Exhibition of the  National Competition of the Arts of Fire. Valencia,  Venezuela.
2000 The Ensemble Exhibition“. Trialog Gallery. Hohr–Grenzhausen Deutschland.
2000-08 regular participation at the open studios action of  BBK Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
1998 Contemporary Ceramics exhibition“. Embassy of Venezuela, London. UK.
1998 „Ceramics 98“. Howard Gardens Gallery. Cardiff.  Wales, UK.
Seit 1994 Exhibitions in Sudamerica, Argentina, México, Dominican Republic  Chile, Korea, USA, UK, Spain.

Publications  (selection)

2018 CVAzine #9, Glitch, Contemporary Visual Magazine,

LABzine #2, “Dada’s dream”, World Collage Day. Publication of Laboratorio de collage.

2018 1340Art Magazine, Netherlands
2018 CVAzine #6, Body, Contemporary Visual Magazine
2017 Rapsodia Magazine Cover page. Issue 16Milan, Italy
2017 Making The Cut Vol.1, Australia
2017 First issue of Oneiric Magazine ,Portugal
2017 Revista Canibalismos Literatura #26 Spain
2016    Catalogue; ”Dada Centennial / Day of the Dead” USA

in Internet

My work have been featured in variety of publications. Visit their website for more information.




“cut and post”

I made five collage postcars for the open submission project “cut and post” organised by @edinburghcollagecollective and @moif_collage . It was really fun to work with a small format