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Maria Elisa Quiaro is multidisciplinary artist born in Venezuela,

that works with collage, assemblage, porcelain,  photography and painting .

Her work is represented in public and private collections around the world.

Her collages have been featured in different publications in Europe,

North and South America .

She lives and works in Germany.



Two things have always shaped her life: images and words. 

Her work combines encaustic, image and objects.

Her work is a visual confrontation with reality where reduction, accumulation

and construction meet with poetry. In every medium she uses, fragments

are given a new function to recreate a totality. Quiaro reflects a contemporary

sense of life with all its metaphysical complexities and contradictions

where the impossible is not anymore.


Berlin Collage Platform

this relative new space gathers the community of collage artists working in Germany. With a very interesting and elegant display, features the work of the artists with variety of images …